What is Strong Disinfectant Ozone?

What is Strong Disinfectant Ozone?

At these times, the corona virus, or covid-19, which is the agenda of all humanity, continues to affect the whole world. How can we disinfect with ozone different from the known methods about how to protect from the corona virus this time, where we receive new news every day?

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a colorless gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms. Ozone gas ruptures the cell membrane in bacteria and viruses and renders it ineffective. A contact of 5-10 minutes is sufficient for this. It can also be said that ozone is more effective than chlorine.

With ozone generators releasing ozone into the air, you can eliminate bacteria, bad odors and viruses such as sars by 97.2%.

You can easily use it in all your rooms.

What should be considered in the use of ozone?

Although it does not cause significant damage, direct exposure to ozone gas should not be avoided.

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