What is Chinese Salt? What are the harms?

What is Chinese Salt? What are the harms?

Mono Sodium Glutamate Chinese salt, known and used for many years. It is used as a flavoring in various foods discovered by scientist Kikunae Ikeda. It is obtained by crystallization of seaweed through various processes. Chinese salt, which has a unique taste, has not found a place for itself in any taste category.

The effective weapon of the fast food industry. MSG brings the sense of taste in the food it is placed to the fore and makes it more consumable.

Mono sodium glutamate is known in the chemical industry as E-621 or MSG. The reason for getting its name is because it is mostly used in Chinese restaurants.

Chinese Salt

What are the Harms of Chinese Salt?

Chinese salt, which experts and associations have been fighting to ban for many years, has a wide variety of harms on health. The most damaging is that it causes obesity in the person. Chinese salt causes the feeling of consuming more by suppressing the feeling of satiety and giving flavor to the food it enters. Chinese salt, which is mostly used in ready-to-eat foods, is now included in foods such as doner and French fries. It is said that there is no benefit that causes various health problems by purifying lubrication.

It is an important actor in the formation of many diseases such as migraine pain, muscle joint pain, thyroid disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, weakness and visual disorders.

Where Is Chinese Salt Used?

MSG is highly preferred in fabricated foods and fast food products for its flavor explosion, appetite and more addictive consumption. Mono sodium Glutamate MSG, which is free to use in our country with an official newspaper announcement; In packaged foods, hamburgers, broth and chicken stock, as well as salad dressings. It is also used in fruit yoghurts, ice cream varieties, ready-made meatballs, instant soup and chips, and in various restaurants.

First of all, it is very important to keep away from its effects, especially children in developmental age.

How to Tell Salt?

First of all, it will be enough to look at the content section of the packaging of the foods that we do not know how to make before consuming. If there is MSG or the chemical code E621 in the ingredient section, we can understand that it is in the food or product.