What is a software engineer? What does he do?

What is a software engineer? What does he do?

Software engineering has become one of the most popular professions of our day, as the use of the Internet covers our entire lives and we do every job on our computers and mobile devices.

So what is software engineering?

Software Engineering is the original name of software engineering, which is a science that deals with software. People who perform this profession first determine the user needs, then determine the software requirements that are compatible with these needs. After determining the software language compatible with the needs and requirements, the process of creating the software planned to perform a function begins. However, software engineering is not a branch of science that is active only in the creation of software. Software engineering is effective at every stage, from determining user needs, choosing the software language, selecting the team that will create the software, and performing end user tests.

The software engineer is the representative of this branch of science. Its primary purpose is to create a user-oriented software. Creating new software with an end-user focus or ensuring the development of existing software are among the job descriptions of the software engineer.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, today we carry out almost all of our work with the help of software. Our smartphones have their own software, we use navigation software to go from place to place, we count the steps we take during the day with various applications, or we get support from anti-virus software while checking our computer for viruses. Behind all this is software engineering.

Software Engineering Salary Range

A software engineer is not just the person who writes code. It has an active role in every stage of the creation of a software. Many different factors are considered in determining the salary range.

The software engineer uses which coding language, which sector he serves, what software he creates, and his skill in creating complex algorithms determines the salary range of this person. Experience and previous studies in the sector are also factors that determine the engineer’s salary.

The processes that make up the work life of a software engineer

Planning: It is planned what kind of software algorithm should be created by considering the needs of the users. Hardware requirements are determined.

Analysis: At this stage, a data analysis is done. Support can be obtained from the analyst while analyzing the data. First of all, it is evaluated for what purpose the software will be used and then what the expectations of the customers are. The coding language is decided. Scenario diagrams are drawn.

Design: The software that will meet the requirements is designed in every aspect. At the same time, the visual design, which will determine the user experience of the software, is planned. In the meantime, support is received from the graphic artist or the art-director. The design made by the software engineer is logical. It determines how the software will work.

Implementation: At this stage, the software is completed. After they are coded, they are tested. Coding is done by software developers and tests are done by testers. For user experience testing, support may be requested from an audience with basic computer knowledge.

Maintenance: At this stage, errors are fixed, updates are made depending on user requests. The maintenance phase never ends during the time the software is used. New tests must be run with each new update.

The software engineer takes active part in each of these stages. Depending on the position in the workplace, assigning a test specialist, analyst or graphic designer who will take part in the project may be among the powers of the software engineer. Engineer salary can vary depending on how active you are in the software. In particular, considering the user experience and making the necessary updates are among the most important job descriptions of software engineering


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