Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy

Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy

Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy

Hydrogen test used in heating systems was successful

Fuel obtained by mixing 20% ​​hydrogen with 80% methane. During the 18-month trial period, 130 houses and business buildings were also tested.

Production by hydrogen electrolysis method without carbon emission. The hydrogen used in the 130 houses used for trial purposes in the project without any changes in the furnaces and boilers was quite successful. When the project is completed and released to the market as hydrogen fuel. Consumers use without purchasing any hydrogen device.

It is a clear fact that when hydrogen is used as a fuel, it will allow lower production costs.

In the trial area of ​​the project in England, approximately 23 million houses and buildings are provided with hydrogen fuel. 7% of annual carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 6 million tons will be prevented.

Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy

Hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas fuel.

Hydrogen is not an element found alone in nature. The easiest method of obtaining hydrogen in compound form is water. As a waste in energy systems where hydrogen is used as fuel; releases water and water vapour.

For this reason, we can see hydrogen as a very environmentally friendly fuel.

Hydrogen is stored or transported in a chemical combination of gas, liquid and solid.

Gaseous hydrogen is the most preferred method. However, due to its low density, it takes up a lot of space. For this reason, it can be stored in high-pressure resistant tanks and tubes as compressed.

Liquid hydrogen takes up less space than gaseous hydrogen. However, extremely high energy is required for the liquefaction of hydrogen.

Solid hydrogen is stored in the metal hydride pores. However, due to the heavy metal hydrides, their transportation is very costly.

Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy
In summary, we can say the following for hydrogen fuel. Increasing price nowadays. In addition, natural gas and oil are depleted in their reserves. It is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than these two energy systems. The reduction in energy costs will provide improvements in many areas from heating, transportation, production to industry. For this reason, it will be beneficial for the development of the country. Thanks to the ever-developing technology, we predict that hydrogen will soon replace hydrogen in homes, industry and transportation.

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