How should preseason swimming pool cleaning be done?

How should preseason swimming pool cleaning be done?

As we enter the summer months after the cold winter months, the cleaning and maintenance times have come for the hotel, site and villa pools.

Where should we start?

Before starting the cleaning phase in swimming pools, plumbing checks, checks for water leaks inside the pool, balance tanks and weirs. Again, the gaps in the pool grouting, pool pump maintenance, sand filter maintenance and controls should be checked one by one, and should be repaired if there is a fault detection, after the water filling, it becomes difficult to repair some technical malfunctions.

Should the swimming pool be opened with fresh water before the season or with the available water?

One of the most common questions before each season is to refresh the water in the swimming pool or to continue with the available water. First of all, using fresh water is the healthiest way, but considering the water scarcity in our country and in the world, the less dirty can be recovered, after the chemical and microbiological analysis in the authorized laboratories, the swimming pools can be opened to use by refreshing 30% with the existing water as long as it gets valid grade.

Pool cleaning begins

Technical controls were made and our pool is full, primarily in the swimming pool, the pH should be measured, the value range between 6.80-7.40 is suitable value ranges for the effective operation of chemicals such as chlorine, precipitator and algae inhibitor. If the pH is high after the measurement, if the pH is low, if the pH is low, the swimming pool is brought to the appropriate value range by using the pH booster, in the indoor pools between 1.00 and 3.00 ppm, using powder chlorine or liquid chlorine as between 1.00 and 1.50 ppm. disinfection of the pool is provided. If there is suspended pollution in the pool, it is cleaned with the help of a precipitator. Again, after these procedures, the pool water, which has a valid score in the analysis made in the authorized laboratory, can be opened for swimming.

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