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How to Use Ph Reducer in Swimming Pools ?

For the conditioning of the water in swimming pools, the first value to be checked and corrected if it is not at an appropriate value is the pH value of the water. The ph value should be between 6.8 and 7.6. What is the purpose of Perapool liquid ph (-) lowering? how is the application?


Chc, in other words calcium hypochlorite used as shock chlorine, should be preferred continuously in indoor swimming pools. It can be used for freezing in the open swimming pool. It creates a shock effect in dirty, cloudy and mossy swimming pool and quickly turns it into a bright and clear water view. Cyanuric acid rise

How should preseason swimming pool cleaning be done?

As we enter the summer months after the cold winter months, the cleaning and maintenance times have come for the hotel, site and villa pools. Where should we start? Before starting the cleaning phase in swimming pools, plumbing checks, checks for water leaks inside the pool, balance tanks and weirs. Again, the gaps in the