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Suez Canal and Its Features

Suez canal and its features It is the canal in Egypt, which connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, opened during the Ottoman period. However, the Canal was completed in 1869 during the reign of the Egyptian governor Ismail Pasha. The Suez Canal, which connects Asia and Africa, is a very valuable passageway, however, because

What is Nuclear Energy? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

The energy generated by fusion and fragmentation as a result of collision of atomic nuclei reaching maximum energy at high temperature is called nuclear energy. During nuclear power generation, neutrons strike Uranium-235 nuclei in reactors. A uranium-235 nucleus swallows a neutron, transforming into Uranium-236, which is very unstable and immediately splits. New neutrons and energy

Where Is %65-70 Calcıum Hypochlorite powder Chlorıne Used ?

Chc, in other words calcium hypochlorite used as shock chlorine, should be preferred continuously in indoor swimming pools. It can be used for freezing in the open swimming pool. It creates a shock effect in dirty, cloudy and mossy swimming pool and quickly turns it into a bright and clear water view. Cyanuric acid rise