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Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy

Hydrogen in Heating Systems and Energy Hydrogen test used in heating systems was successful Fuel obtained by mixing 20% ​​hydrogen with 80% methane. During the 18-month trial period, 130 houses and business buildings were also tested. Production by hydrogen electrolysis method without carbon emission. The hydrogen used in the 130 houses used for trial purposes

Iron 3 Choloride

Iron 3 chloride. It is dark brown in color and acidic. It has the molecular formula FeCl3. The anhydrous compound iron 3 chloride melting point 307,6 ° C. When dissolved in water, iron (III) chloride undergoes hydrolysis and an exothermic reaction gives off heat. The resulting brown acidic and corrosive solution is used as a

Boron Properties Boron and Turkey and in the world

The atomic number of boron, which is shown with the symbol B in the periodic table, is 5, and its atomic weight is 10.81. Boron element, which has semi-metal and semiconductor properties, is in the 3A group of the periodic table. Boron consists of two separate stable isotopes called B10 and B11 in nature. The