Day: March 10, 2021

Who İs Aziz SANCAR ?

The Turkish scientist Aziz Sancar, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, continues his beneficial works on behalf of humanity. Here is Aziz Sancar’s biography … Aziz Sancar was born in 1946 in the town of Savur in Mardin, as the seventh child of a middle-income family engaged in farming. He completed his primary and

Where Is %65-70 Calcıum Hypochlorite powder Chlorıne Used ?

Chc, in other words calcium hypochlorite used as shock chlorine, should be preferred continuously in indoor swimming pools. It can be used for freezing in the open swimming pool. It creates a shock effect in dirty, cloudy and mossy swimming pool and quickly turns it into a bright and clear water view. Cyanuric acid rise