Day: March 7, 2021

Boron Properties Boron and Turkey and in the world

The atomic number of boron, which is shown with the symbol B in the periodic table, is 5, and its atomic weight is 10.81. Boron element, which has semi-metal and semiconductor properties, is in the 3A group of the periodic table. Boron consists of two separate stable isotopes called B10 and B11 in nature. The

National Space Agency Objectives and Activities

National Space Agency Objectives and Activities National Space Program, determining the vision, strategy, goals and projects of our country in the field of space policies; It is a comprehensive study prepared by taking into account the developments in the world and the existing potential in our country, in order to carry out these in coordination.

How should preseason swimming pool cleaning be done?

As we enter the summer months after the cold winter months, the cleaning and maintenance times have come for the hotel, site and villa pools. Where should we start? Before starting the cleaning phase in swimming pools, plumbing checks, checks for water leaks inside the pool, balance tanks and weirs. Again, the gaps in the